God revealed to my six year old daughter Heidi that as believers we “wear an invisible mask”.

She went on to tell me that God has given us an invisible mask against viruses because we are covered by the blood of Jesus.

I knew straight away it was a message from the Lord because it was said with much authority and brought an enormous amount of peace with it.

It is a great illustration for us to remember when fear comes to dampen or snuff out our faith. I love that God uses little children with child-like faith to relieve all anxiety.

Thank you Jesus for your protection over us, our households and those around us. Let us be a shining light in these chaotic times, sharing Your love and advancing the Kingdom of God.

Psalm 34:7 (ESV)
The angel of theĀ LordĀ encamps around those who fear him, and delivers them.

Thank You Jesus!

My writing is on hold for a while but praying, seeking and trusting God is going to a whole new level after my husband was hit by a car on his bike.

He is home after staying a night in hospital. Two small fractures and bed rest for a while. Walking with crutches.

Thank you all for your prayers for complete and quick healing!

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