WEEKLY PROPHETIC MESSAGE: Coming out of this without a scratch.

Passionate and devoted sons and daughters of God are encountering intensifying persecution, opposition and intimidation in various forms.

The lies, attacks and threats have been relentless and you may feel like you’ve been through a shipwreck but God says “You will come out without even a scratch”!

Acts 27:33-34 (MSG)
With dawn about to break, Paul called everyone together and proposed breakfast: “This is the fourteenth day we’ve gone without food. None of us has felt like eating! But I urge you to eat something now. You’ll need strength for the rescue ahead. You’re going to come out of this without even a scratch!”

So not matter how loud their threats become, no matter how fierce the raging sea engulfing you, gather some strength for the rescue. Hang in there, keep standing cause when this storm ends…

He will not only get you safely on dry land but you will come out of this without even a scratch.

Be carried by His Spirit

Read Acts 27:13-44
When we experience storms in our life it’s natural to want to take control, to physically fight and do everything in our strength to battle against it.

This is what Paul and his companions did as they encountered a ‘wind of hurricane force, called the “northeaster”‘(Acts 27:14). They found themselves fighting to save their lives lost out at sea.

But there came a time when they no longer had the capacity or strength to struggle any longer. ‘The ship was caught by the storm and could not head into the wind; so we gave way to it and were driven along.’(v15)

This was the real turning point for them! Once they stopped struggling against the wind, the Wind of the Spirit carried them exactly where they needed to be for the gospel to continue spreading…the island of Malta!

Surrender your storm to God. Take your hands off the wheel, let Him drive and you also will end up exactly where you need to be in order to carry out His plans and purposes for your life! Trust and obey!

Stay on your ship

Acts 27:27-32 (MSG)

On the fourteenth night, adrift somewhere on the Adriatic Sea, at about midnight the sailors sensed that we were approaching land. Sounding, they measured a depth of 120 feet, and shortly after that ninety feet. Afraid that we were about to run aground, they threw out four anchors and prayed for daylight.

Some of the sailors tried to jump ship. They let down the lifeboat, pretending they were going to set out more anchors from the bow. Paul saw through their guise and told the centurion and his soldiers, “If these sailors don’t stay with the ship, we’re all going down.” So the soldiers cut the lines to the lifeboat and let it drift off.

The ship here represents what we are to cling to, our safety, our Lord. Our safety is assured when we remain in Him. While it may be tempting to abandon it, don’t jump ship!

In the midst of a storm, fear can take us away from our destination and lead us toward death. This is what happened to the sailors as they deviously disobeyed Paul by letting down lifeboats.

While there are many lifeboats we can jump on during our storm, what you might think is a lifeboat is often a trap, a lie that will drift you far away from your Source, your Ship.

These so-called life boats may present themselves in different ways such as idols, unforgiveness, bitterness, jealousy or pride. They are a death trap leading you away from truth. Paul says, ‘if you don’t stay with the ship, you are going down’.

It’s time for us to CUT THE ROPES to our alternative life source (our back up plans) and stay on the ship. Stay on the course God has shown you, don’t take any shortcuts and your ship will arrive safely!

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