Whatever He tells you to do, do it! (Part 2)

Numbers 24:16-26 NIV Read here

V)26 Balaam answered, ‘Did I not tell you I must do whatever the Lord says?’

Balak was very persistent at trying to tempt Balaam into cursing Jacob and denouncing Israel.

However, the command Balaam had received from the Lord was to BLESS them so he speaks powerful and encouraging words over Israel time and time again. Although Balak continues to persevere in getting Balaam to curse the nation, he WILL not!

Eventually Balak gives up harassing him because he realises he is obedient to the Word of God.

Just as Balaam experienced, there will often be a tempting from the enemy to oppose God’s word and direction for your life. You must be relentless and tenacious in whatever the Lord has commanded you to pray or do.

Keep at it. Remain steadfast in your conviction and it will pay off. As Balaam said “I must do whatever the Lord says”. It will then be said of you, “See what God has done!”

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